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Setting up Application Impersonation for Exchange or Office 365

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Office 365

Login to the Office 365 Exchange Admin Portal.

Go to Permissions, then under Admin Roles click the ‚+’ symbol to add a new role and enter the Name and Description ‚CloudMigratorImpersonation’.

image2016-8-24 11:36:28.png

Click the ‚+’ symbol under ‚Roles:’, select ApplicationImpersonation, click ‚add →’ then ‚OK’

Click the ‚+’ symbol under ‚Members:’ and select your Admin User, click ‚add →’ then ‚OK’

Click ‚Save’ in the ‚Role Group’ window and you will then see the Impersonation role listed in Admin Roles. You can now use application impersonation with your admin user in CloudMigrator.